Thursday, January 22, 2009

Treasures for the fairies

When will I see the fairies? How come the fairies see me? The fairies sure will like these (screws, hooks and fishing swivels taken out of our little junk drawer).

My little one lined the edge of her window with the treasures. What do you think the fairies will leave by my window for me?

Humm. We'll have to see, I tell her.

At bedtime, my little one checked to see if the exchange of treasures had taken place. I assure her that when she's asleep the fairies will discover the treasures she left and maybe leave something behind.

So, let's think, what treasures might the fairies leave behind?
fairy dust
shiny sequin stars
a crystal teardrops (wish I had some)
a miniature tea set
a little basket
a thimble vase of little flowers
a little wool mushroom
spools of thread for stools
a fairy door (perfect for her 5th birthday coming soon)
... another thought: small shells, a crystal, polished stones, acorn caps, walnut shell, or peacock feather

I have a card set from The Silver Penny, Sweet Dreams Bedtime Wishes and now seems like the perfect time to leave one for my little one. A sweet little verse of one side and a beautiful illustration on the other. The shop also has a bunch of cute fairy things, but I am off to find a few things around the house and maybe break out some wool.

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