Friday, January 30, 2009

More playsilks please

My little one is building and constructing on a larger scale these day. Caves, forts, secret hideouts, and nests are continuously being built with all the couch pillows and blankets. It is a massive undertaking, which is wonderful because she's learning. Right? I really do not mind the pillows and blankets everywhere either. With a few weeks left in my pregnancy and my belly so big, helping when a pillow falls or a blanket caves in is getting too much. I knew I needed a solution for both my little one and myself.

Ah-ha...It came to me....To get some more canopy playsilks to cover her playstands. In the past, we were able to use the playsilks to drap off the opening on her playstands and cover the arches, but I think she wants total exclusion these days.

Daisy Hill Silks (on ebay) has beautiful silks. We found a beautiful sunflower gold canopy silk. It just brightens her play area and adds so much warmth. We were also lucky to get a seascape of blues, as well. It reminds me of the ocean. We have a sky and grass canopy playsilk already from Daisy Hill Silks. It is really vibrant and beautiful and, of course, a rainbow canopy playsilk brings magic to any play space. (They are super fun outside on a windy day, too)

The canopy silks are up (and probably not going to be ironed anytime soon) and I feel lucky that her area is draped in beautiful, vibrant silks.
My little one is all snug in her cave and I've been sitting down for longer than 5 minutes. I think I've found the perfect solution.

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boatbaby said...

We LOVE Daisy Hill silks too!


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