Thursday, January 22, 2009

How to attract fairies to your garden

I found all the following information on Enchanted Gardens and this is going to be such a fun activity with my little one. I know she'll just love it all.

How do we attract fairies into your garden? Our answer is always the same, you have to believe in the enchanted magic of fairies. Once you open your heart to the magic of fairies around you, fairies will be instantly attracted to your garden. Enjoy our collection of our favorite tried and true tips to attract fairies into your fairy garden!

Create a Fairy Garden
A sure way to attract magical fairies into your garden is to create a magical miniature fairy garden of any size to invite the fairies into your garden and show the magical wee fae that you believe in fairies! Fairies are peaceful yet mischievous magical folk that like to frolic and dance in your garden. Playful fairies are often responsible for knocking over your garden decor and trampling your miniature garden plants when you're not watching. Miniature fairies sure know how to throw a good party and they're happy to bring good luck and prosperity into your garden.

Fairy Houses
Fairies love places to hide so be sure to include fairy houses, flowering shrubs, gnarled tree stumps and rock outcroppings in your miniature garden to entice fairies to settle in your enchanted garden. Fairies will want a place to hide and will tend to make their home in gardens that provide outlets to quickly disappear from the prying attention of human eyes.

Sweet Offerings to the Fairies
In times of olde, peasants would leave magical offerings of sweets like miniature cakes to attract benevolent fairies into their herb gardens. While it may not be practical to leave food out in your garden in modern times, you can appease a modern fairy's sweet tooth by planting succulent sweet flowers like honeysuckle in your garden.

Fragrant Flowers
Fairies love a colorful selection of plants and flowers frolic around in your garden. Stop by our fairy garden plants page to learn about some of our favorite fairy plants for your enchanted gardens.

Fairy Bells & Chimes
Place miniature bells and fairy wind chimes in your miniature fairy garden to hear them magically tinkle as fairies pass by your enchanted garden. Fanciful fairies enjoy music and dancing and will be drawn to the delightful tinkling of bells and wind chimes.

Miniature Water Features
Attract water fairies and sprites to your fairy garden by creating miniature ponds, streams, fountains or other enchanted water features to your garden. Fairies enjoy the magical properties of water and will be attracted to any of your miniature water features! Fairies will be splashing about and frolicking with their amphibian friends in no time!

Magical Fairy Dust
Add sparkling glitter to your fairy houses and paths. Fairies can't resist sparkling objects and will love investigating your glittering fairy gardens. The fairies will transform your ordinary glitter into magical fairy dust.

Magical Fairy Paths and Pathways
Enchant your magical garden with miniature paths for fairies to frolic and follow throughout your enchanted miniature garden. Magical stone and gravel paths will entice fairies to roam throughout your gardens and perhaps leave behind a tiny fairy footprint.

A Fairy's Best Friend
Surround your fairy garden with plants to attract butterflies and hummingbirds, to attract these fairy's best friends into your enchanted fairy garden. Fairies love taking rides on these winged creatures!

Fairy Garden Tea Party
Fairies enjoy a tea party as much as we do! Throw a miniature tea party set in your miniature fairy garden. Fairies are also fond of aromatic chamomile herbs and flowers for this very reason.

Fairy Mushroom Ring
Create a miniature fairy mushroom ring to create a magical portal into the world of fairies but be careful not to cross the boundaries and enter the world of fairies yourself!

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EJ said...

A musical wind chime brings such peaceful melody to any space! And I bet it will attract fairies in droves:)


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