Friday, January 23, 2009

My little fairy was up at 5 am

The most beautiful world is always entered through your imagination.

If you wish to be something you are not, you shut your eyes, and for one dreamy moment you are that which you long for.

-Helen Keller

:: The smallest of things are magical to a child.

Anticipating the fairies visit, my little one was up very early this morning. How early? 5 am.

She was so excited and filled with overwhelming joy at the fairies visit. It was beautiful to witness, even at 5 in the morning. Her excitement just lit up the room.

The story went something like this... As the fairies fluttered by last night, they saw something sparkle out of the corner of their eye. They wondered what it could be. They flew over to a window to take a closer look. The screws and hooks were sparkling in the moonlight. They were so amazed at all the trinkets that were left at the window for them. Inside the room, they saw a sweet little girl sleeping all cozy in her bed. They collected the magical (20+) trinkets and wanted to leave the sweet little girl something very special. In return, they left my little A some treasures they collected from their journeys, a trail of shining stars, a fairy card, a wool mushroom, and
walnut bowl filled with a crystal, metal washer, and mother-of-pearl button.

:: As I rested until the sun came up, I heard lots of activity in the house. From the sound, I knew little A was gathering river rocks, left over from our paperwhite planting project. I knew exactly where they were going to end up.

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