Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keeping the ball rolling

:: Our day finished very smoothly last night. Getting back to some regular daily activities with my little one, I feel has helped. We had game night and finished with a favorite game that allows for storytelling, Selecta Variland.

:: My little one loves to help out. This morning she helped Dad paint the bathroom.

:: Planting some seeds has always been a great activity in the past. Here we replanted some moss we had growing in our yard.

:: Pictures created with peanuts. Humm, I never thought about that. Maybe we could make some additional pictures with beans and rice. I wonder what else my little one might suggest. It's always fun to let her help with the planning.

Overall, the last few days have been great. My little one has been acting like my child. Getting back to a daily rhythm with regular daily activities has made all the difference. My little one has been making up all kinds of fun songs and enjoying herself and able to keep herself active the other times, instead of asking about movies, movies, and having a movie day (she means watching movies the entire day) and having a movie night. We even made a boxed cinnamon bread today, just to keep the ball rolling in a wonderful direction.

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Laundryhead said...

I am enjoying reading your blog. I will read some older posts to get some good waldorf ideas. Thanks so much!
P.S. I followed the link in your siggy from mdc. thanks!


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