Thursday, March 6, 2008

Welcoming Nature

I have been thinking about spring since I placed my perennial order and attended the CT Flower Show. Seeing all the spring flowers in bloom was wonderful and I can not wait for spring.

I am in need of some plants in our house to liven things up. Our last remaining greenery was some bamboo. I think I am going to pick up a new arrangement. In the meantime, we have some pussy willows in a vase, but, they are disappearing quickly, as my little one, likes making pussy willow soup with the buds. We, also,
planted some forget-me-nots seeds in a little terra cotta planter. I love the tiny blue blossoms, with the striking yellow eye. Yesterday, we created a dish garden with the moss we found in our yard.

I, also, have been thinking about new discoveries for my little one and creating a more natural play environment. As I mentioned, the plastic things have been adding up since Christmas. I needed to clear them out. Her little trunk was packed full of the disney princesses and accessories, toys she hardly played with. So, I just did it. I took most of the plastic toys out and introduced a few new toys. I had a
silk crown, a wooden butterfly life cycle set, and 6 new baskets for her. The wooden life cycle is from Anne Moze.

We do have a few plastic toys that will be staying. Among them are: a disney music box, her my little ponies and her tinkerbell doll. These are the ones she really has an attachment with. My goal is not to add anymore plastic, made in China, commercialized toys and to stay true to what I feel is good for my little one. Sure, I had a barbie, watched cartoons, and ate McDonald's happy meals. I can not pretend that these things are good for her mind and body, or her spirit. I know there is better, I may have to work harder to find it, but I know it is there, so there is no turning back. I have to do what my heart says and be assertive in what I want, what I need and what I believe.

Have to go, we are going on a treasure hunt and our boat of pillows is ready. Good day.

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