Wednesday, March 26, 2008

A reason to sing with children

From the first lullabies to calm my little one to the songs that she now makes up about her experiences, I have seen the wonderful gifts singing has offered. Not only is it fun and an amazing opportunity to play and share with your little one, it offers so much more. Research shows that rhythm, rhyme, and repetition are important in the development of the brain. The brain needs stimulation through multi-sensory stimulation. Music offers stimulation, as does, dancing, singing, clapping, and toe tapping. Repeating these experiences over and over again is important, as the brain is storing information and memories that will be the foundation for future learning.

- Lead by example, sing along and have fun
- Incorporate finger play and lap rides
- Add simple instruments, like maracas and rhythm sticks
- Add free movement
- Add clapping, stomping, hopping, galloping
- Vary high and low sounds, quick and slow movements
- Make up songs about daily activities and experiences, like dogs barking, birds chirping, and car horns beeping
- Experience sounds, like blowing on a wind chime, banging on a pot, crinkling dried leaves

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