Thursday, March 27, 2008

CT Flower Show

I lost a post along the way regarding the CT Flower Show and the wonderfully inspiring things that we discovered. I absolutely loves this river stone wall and the lighting accepts on the White Birches. A little bit of understated formality. One amazing part of the show was a gnome garden. It incorporated a branch play house topped with hens and chicks on the roof. It was really magical and my little one asked for one. I love the varieties of hens and chicks offered at White Flower Farm, pictured below. 

If you like succulents, you might like Simply Succulents. They have some
interesting garden accents that are sure to draw some attention and conversation.


At the show, the Connecticut Horticulture Society inspired my sense of smell with pineapple sage and a few other varieties. They had a branch gate which added a rustic touch and a wood fence with birdhouse detail. Very fun, especially, for children. It reminds me very much of elements in the Natural Playground that allow children to experience the play environment with all their senses. We have some lavender, russian sage, and lamb's ear in our garden, which has been great to draw my little one into exploring and discovering. I am excited to add more sensory plants and other elements from the Natural Playground, this year.  

I purchased a few window bud vases with attached suction cups. These are a hit. I have put them on low windows and my little one's mirror to bring some beauty closer to her. They can be purchased here at Glass Roots

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