Friday, March 21, 2008

Filling up the Easter Basket

We had some outside time today. Our porch had some great sun and shelter from the wind, which was the perfect spot to plant our basil seeds. This year, we will try growing sweet basil and lemon basil. I can not wait to make pesto, one of our favorite summertime meals. By the time we came inside, the lemon basil seeds were already germinating. How about that? 

The clover seedlings are growing great. They were very quick to grow which makes it fun for the little ones. Everyday, we have discovered growth and found much to talk about. The forget-me-nots have just begun to sprout out of their casings. They are in the smallest terra cotta pot that dries out very quickly. We are going to move them into a bigger pot later on today. 

I'll be finishing up some needle felted animals for my little ones Easter basket. Our dog, Bernie, loves wool, so I am not sure how long these will last. I was hoping to make a butterfly mobile after being inspired by this one by nature child. But, I will need some more time and supplies. I think my little one will be fine with what I have but I would like the felted animals to have more impact than the candy. Not sure if this will be possible. Just in case, I will felt a few more little chicks for the easter egg hunt, in addition to the little chick in the egg and the spotted hen.

To make the little chick in the egg, I started out by taping a plastic egg, so it would not open during wet felting. Then, I wrapped thin layers of wool over the egg, in alternating directions, until the egg was covered. Hold the egg tightly in your hand and sprinkle little drops of hot soapy water over wool. Keep egg tight in your hand and gently squeeze. Gradually, squeeze with more pressure until the wool fibers start to stick together. Then, I wet felted a few more layers. Lastly, I cut an opening in the egg and smooth out the edges (I would cut the opening a little smaller, as the opening will expand when you wet felt it some more. Then, let it dry for a day or so before you remove the egg. (I wet felted the edges after taking out the egg which gave me more of a bowl) 

Green wool is a wonderful basket filler. You could also sprout some wheat grass or use shredded paper. Happy easter.

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