Saturday, May 8, 2010

treasure hunter

:: my daughter is a treasure hunter. she explores and uncovers treasures where ever she goes. 

when we simplified her room and the play area, i uncovered a little collection of treasures she has found through the years. treasures i remember seeing when she found, but did not know she was holding on to each and every one. one of the first treasures she dug up in her digging area was a little colbalt blue vicks eye drop bottle. i remember doing a google search which dated the bottle back to around the time our house was built. there are pieces of brick and pottery, pieces of pennies and a broken plate. most recently, we were learned the techniques for panning and had the opportunity to pan for gold that came from a mine in angorage, alaska. 

aside from these treasured that she uncovered with a shovel and rake, she has been gifted lots of treasures while visiting family, from volcanic rock from iceland, shark's teeth, polished gemstones, rocks and crystals from india, marbles to an oyster shell. and while sometimes family thinks they have to buy her toys and things, i wish they would know that these natural treasures mean much more to her. 


boatbaby said...

So sweet and oh so familiar! I swear our kids are such kindred spirits. zach has started keeping "vaults" hidden around the boat with his treasures. And he manages to find a coin or special rock or piece of something everywhere we go. My husband and I joked he work the streets because one day he scaveneged about $3 in change in a matter of an hour or so.

Redbeet Mama said...

Christine - you are an amazing Mama and may I say Goddess- I love ALL your posts about your thoughtful and beautiful life - you are such an inspiration.

Much love, Nicole

My HomeMade Montessori Manipulatives said...

These little treasures are really neat to look at. To know that others havent seen these until your family uncovered them. How awesome. Thanks for sharing these.


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