Friday, April 23, 2010

corners of her room

:: as i finished up simplifying and organizing her bedroom, i left a new book "fairy houses" with some tiny needlefelted acorns and hoped that it would be well received. i was very happy with the results of our hard work in simplifying. it brought a smile to my face, looking at the things that bring joy to my daughter. from her crystal and rock collections, the basket of shells that my mother made for her years ago to her amazing ability to find heart shaped rocks. to her handwork basket that contains the flower press that we have used for many years that makes me realize how much she has grown. to the weaving she did last year that she made into a rug for her dollhouse and the little nature corner that contains a little beeswax bluebird in a nest she made. and i am most excited about seeing how this new space will allow her creativity and imagination to take flight.


boatbaby said...

Looks wonderful! I am sure it will be a well loved space!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post, I LOVE your blog so so much! K loves her crystals and rocks very much too. I have actually been giving some thought to making her room much more simple too, just clearing out some things that just really need to be out of her room, clothes she has outgrown etc etc. We are thinking of my two girls sharing a room so we are looking at doing this very soon. her play space is so simple downstairs that upstairs all we need are beds and books and clothing and a few very favourite things!


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