Saturday, May 1, 2010

a very fairy birthday

:: to my sweet little baby girl, who is not so little anymore. the time has gone by so fast and now you are 6 years old. words can not explain how your love and beautiful soul has brought boundless joy into my life. you teach me more everyday about life. i love you so.

:: birthday preparations coming together. some projects i was able to finish and others i did not. i mistakenly did not have a single piece of wool felt long enough to back the crown, so that will sadly be a belated birthday present. i am bummed about her crown but i did made a new decoration for our birthday ring. i have a special song that i sing to my little butterfly, which is why i made her a little butterfly. we also made some delicious wands from chocolate covered pretzels and skewers of fruit. 

 :: my little one has really enjoyed our valentine's day scavenger hunts for the past few years, so i made up a little scavenger hunt for her birthday party. this time, with a fairy theme. i had collected pine cones, acorn caps, dried echinacea from the garden and i added some geode slices, treasure eggs, little star sequins, little brooms and miniature wooden rolling pins & clothespins. we also had some fairy toad stools and i made up some tiny seeds packets out of waxed paper, in which i enclosed sunflower, snap pea and pumpkin seeds. 

the children ran around with their fairy ribbon wands looking for the fairy treasures. they were pointing out all sorts of things around our yard that the fairies could use and it was great seeing them take a closure look into nature. they all had fun breaking open their treasure eggs, drawing and running around the yard barefoot. 

i overhead my friends saying amongst themselves that our party was refreshing and that parties for children are so big nowadays... and i feel some sort of acceptance from our friends to some extent. a lot of times i really do shy away from any discussions as to why i do what i do with my little ones because it is just beyond their reality. but that's a whole other blog entry.

:: my daughter loved the echinacea wands so much. (the carved stick was a gift from one of my daughter's friends. the friend's grandfather did a little carving on the stick and he decided to give it to my daughter for her birthday. so sweet) 

:: and i think these feet speak for themselves. 

birthday song   anonymous
found in a child's seasonal treasury

In heaven shines a golden star
an angel led me from a far.
From heaven high unto the earth 
and brought me to my house of birth.

Oh welcome welcome lovely day
With sunshine bright and flowers gay.
With painted birds that sing their song 
and make me kind and good and strong.


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday lovely May child (and parents) from another May child. Birthday Blessings! Lisa

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for the lovely birthday poem!I really related to you over the post about acceptance from people you know. You are braver than I am inviting people for a birthday party. I am sadly unable to do that at the moment, I just don't feel like I am able to because how my LO's friends and mums might react to how different things are in our home. I feel embarassed saying that to you but it is how I feel. I am quite shy as a person and i don't feel like i could cope with all the justifying i would have to do about our choices. Happy Birthday to your lovely 6 year old ♥

Christine said...

thank you lisa and birthday blessings to you as well.

Rosaleen - the pictures around your house look beautiful and inviting. i think this is your lo's first year in school, so i can understand needing some time to feel more comfortable with the parents. i will say that everything comes in time. this birthday was the first birthday that felt good in my heart, it was truly all that i wanted it to be for my little one. it was years in the making and in a sense i was sharing a little of myself that i keep hidden from my friends. and to my surprise they were very accepting and i feel like i could have done this years ago and it would have been alright. i had to take this step in order to move forward. in trying to find out if we had things in common with the other children's parents, i have found a good way to start talking about things we did with the children over the weekend, like going to the farmer's market or going to the nature center or a farm. and remember, everything in due time.

boatbaby said...

that sounds like a perfect birthday celebration to me. I wish we were invited to a party like that!

Christine said...

boatbaby - you have an open invitation, whenever you're in the area.

Anonymous said...

looks like a wonderful birthday!


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