Tuesday, May 11, 2010

there is nothing to do and no where to go

jennifer louden spoke on the mindful connection 

 she started off with a poem by marc nepo
"...there is nothing to do and no where to go
 excepting this,
we can do anything and go anywhere"

living our soul's work
be present to what is
let me be with what it

what could i do in this moment right now to feed us
are you going to order out
what would i really love right now

this is our life to shape
this is our life to create
mindful questions remind you that you have a choice
remember that you have a set of glasses on at any set time
and you are seeing the world in only one way
but you are just a little fish to experience

you are a creator
you create your life, you do not have to around reaction to it
you have nothing to do and no where to go

what your natural strengths and talents
and strength them, repeat for positive benefit
build your lives around your strengths
a lot of freedom that comes from living your life the way

weaknesses are things that weaken you
drain your energy, exhausts you
come up with some creative things or simply don't do it
who says i have to cook dinner? who says i have to iron?

mindful questions 
what do i want?
what would i love to do next?
what are your desires?

self-care becomes more of a way of life, not just at the end of the week after your "work" is done
i want to live a life that cares for me
what do i desire
what is interesting me

what is calling to me? what do i desire? pay attention to your desire and following it
let yourself be nourished by it
follow your desires, they nourish you

what our soul is hungry for
self care are simple and available and free
if you get 15 minutes, grab onto it whole-heartedly

1. if i am in hyper alert mode
dialogue with the parts of yourself that is hyper alert
these parts of you are afraid, what are they afraid of??

2. start at the level of the body
choose relaxing music to calm your brain down
choose something physical to transition yourselves
giving yourself mindful transitions

3. keep log or chart for taking care of yourself
how you felt before you took care of yourself
how you felt after you took care of yourself

if you need rest, get to bed early, make up your sheets, use lavender soap in the shower
do it with love and intention
yoga nigeria= relaxation technique

how do you handle something that exhausts you that you have to do, ie cleaning?
so much of what exhausts us in life is the conversation that it should be different than it is
get curious how you could lower your standard around "cleaning" and asking for help
we assume that there are things that need to be done by us, why?
sandwich it between things that strengthens you

what makes you think that the world will need?
get curious
self care = an attitude of lightness

get to a place where we can be deserving of pleasure and kicking back in the middle of the day, make a 3 column list
1. what do you have to do?
2. what could you do?
3. let go of?

(buddism) the problem is you think you have more time than you do
today may be the last day that you get
let's show up for it, let's enjoy it, let's stop and reflect
let's reflect , have a cup of tea, catch up with our souls, and then go on to do the next thing

i trust that the choices i am making right now are based on (what i know in this moment)
trust in your deepest experiences of meaning
i am living my purpose
my purpose is unfolding through these kids (homeschooling)
i am engaged and strengthened
i did something, i feel engaged with life
i feel alive
deflect negativity

websites mentioned:
thelifeorganizer.com    52 weeks of mindful questions,
the comfort cafe   monthly subscription

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