Friday, February 26, 2010

a new rhythm

the feeling of spring being in the air (even though in between we are still having snow storms) and the recent series of the waldorf connection really inspired a few thoughts for myself and my family. 

first, to slow down more, to take more time in my tasks, to take a little longer changing my little one's diaper, to play peek-a-boo more, even my almost 6 year old still enjoys it. to have more tickle time, to have more cuddle time. 

second, to take an opportunity to get outside for my little one. she really does need it, kids really do need it (i need it). the baby has such a rigerous feeding schedule, which really keeps me inside. but, i feel it is important to find the time to get us outside.  

third, in exploring the parenting passageway, is to get back to the basics in our family rhythm. i admit that i am somewhat all over the place at times. my mind losses focus, but with the baby is still nursing during the night, i'm going to pat myself on the back for still standing, at this point.

forth, to be gentle with myself and continue to make some time for myself, to reflect, to read, to relax, to do whatever i'd need in caring for myself.  

fifth, to be more joyous and light-hearted and not so serious. 

is spring inspiring something new thoughts in you?


boatbaby said...

Fabulous ideas! I know what you mean about patting yourself on the back for just standing. Zach nursed every 2 hours/ 24 hours a day without fail for 2.5 years. I learned to sleep/ work/ cook/ clean right through them else I would have lost 2.5 years of my life! It's so hard, I know! Thanks for these inspiring reminders.

Christine said...

wow, that was a lot of nursing. the more mothers i talk to with boys, the more i hear about a demanding nursing schedule. certainly, pat yourself on the back for that and be certain to pat yourself on the back for your day-to-day efforts, as well.

Redbeet Mama said...

This is such an awesome post. Thank you. How wonderful it was to see your kindness to yourself - a small gesture that had huge consequences.

Horray for you.

I will have this post in my mind and remember to go about the day a little slower.


Christine said...

Nicole - thank you for your nice words. singing more too :)


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