Sunday, February 7, 2010

reggio insight

i am able to visit camp creek from time to time and the entries often leave me thinking, contemplating & questioning education. what does education me to me and my family? what do i want education to be for my little ones? what education is vs what education can be?

limits can be so...limiting
in defense of reading...


boatbaby said...

Zach went to a Reggio preschool for part of a school year when he was 4. It was really a very lovely, nurturing environment. As with any of the educational paths... every teacher or school will interpret it differently and you need to see if your local meshes with you and your little ones. We especially liked the way they TRULY listened to the kids and shaped projects and around their ideas, rather than a preset teacher plan. I also loved the documentation so as a parent I felt like I was there when I was not. Best of luck in your explorations!

Christine said...

It's interesting how we are exploring similar paths.


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