Tuesday, February 2, 2010

candlemas blessing day 1 & day 2

we had a two day candlemas celebration. we started the first day making some pancakes and singing a candlemas verse. we also made this song into a little fingerplay, which are always enjoyed with much excitment.

The Groundhog by C.Aldinger from Sing a Song of Seasons
Ground-hog in your hole so deep
Raise your head and take a peep
If your shadow makes you leap!
Curl back up and go to sleep

we read a story called, the sun is my favorite star by frank asch. but the mothering board had these suggestions:
the snowdrop adapted from
hans christan andersen
the coming of spring
the candles by hans christan andersen

i really liked this family's day of celebrating, shadow tag and this little verse.

Little Candle
Little candle burning bright
You are such a pretty sight
Show us all you shining light
Little candle burning bright

:: with winter keeping us tucked inside, we cut paper snowflakes. we used nail scissors, which made it so much easier for my little one to cut with

:: using our new modeling beeswax to make a little snowman for our nature table.

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Redbeet Mama said...

Thank you for the book recommendations. Love your photos.


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