Monday, March 1, 2010

songs for march

the first two pictures are from a child's seasonal treasury. the later two are from a book i came across at the goodwill, it was a treasure waiting to be discovered. i hope the images are large enough to read the words.

here are some more spring songs, verses and fingerplays

my lady wind by k.guilmartin, based on a traditional poem
(this one is great to sing around the house with a playsilk or scarf)
my lady wind, my lady wind
'round and 'round the house she blows,
trying to get in
whoo, whoo, ooo, whoo

through the key hole in the door
through the crack in the bedroom floor
in and out she blows about and 'round the house once more
whoo, whoo, ooo, whoo

we have snow in the forecast for later in the week, so we'll still be singing this one....
snowflakes by l.levinowitz
(you can be creative with your movements and hand gestures with this one. we usually bring each hand down alternating and on the last line, we put our hands side by side, palms down and then move hands together left and right as if we are wiping the counters)

snowflakes, soft snowflakes gently are falling.
magically making everything white

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