Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i sent a letter to my love

:: my little one's heart banner

:: woolly treasures

:: tease up your wool

:: put wool into cookie cutter

:: add soapy hot water

:: use chop sticks to press down on wool. the wool will start felting and will feel firm

:: rinse in cold water. put between two towels and press down to squeeze out all the water. let dry.

a tisket, a tasket
a pink and purple basket
i sent a letter to my love
and on the way i dropped it
a little puppy picked it up
and put it in his pocket

(remembered from one of our music classes)


Nicole Benjamin said...

So sweet, I love it!
Happy Valentines Day : )

Redbeet Mama said...

Wow - is it really as easy as it looks. I have the wool now I need to do something with it.

Very nice post - very inspiring,

Thank you.


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