Tuesday, March 2, 2010

good morning sun


after waking and coming downstairs, my little ones and i gather around one of our windows that looks out onto our bird feeders and yard. this room catches the light of the morning sun and our sun catchers are strategically placed in the windows. when the the sun shines in, our room fills up with beautiful rainbows. we have always enjoyed our sun catchers and i think it is one of those things that brings a smile to everyone's face. 

it is a lovely way to start the day together, which surprises me that this fell out of our day. we never really told a verse or blessing in the morning, but i would like to. seven times around the sun is a wonderful resource for establishing a family rhythm and rituals. do you have a morning ritual or verse to share?


Anna said...

hello again! we often sing "hello to mommy, so glad to see you! hello to (little one), so glad to see you!" etc. etc. VERY simple, so my little boys love it and never forget the words :) great way to start our day. it is actually from a cd i received free with a mothering magazine once. maybe you have heard it. thanks again for the many ideas and inspirations you offer. i don't even know you, yet you are an encouragement to my mothering journey.

boatbaby said...

Wow!!! You have an amazing ability to capture light! From your winter candles to this - just stunning! You have convinced me to get a sun catcher now. I am TRYING harder on a morning ritual. Z likes to change the calendar in the morning, the closest ritual we have. Aside from cudding and sleeping in ;)

Christine said...

boatbaby- oh you *have* to get a suncatcher!!! you guys will love it.

anna- we love that song. it is the opening song in the music together program and i never thought about using it in the morning, but i love it. thanks for sharing


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