Saturday, March 6, 2010

your child at play giveaway

our family was so delighted to be gifted with a giveaway from acorn pies. the wonderful book, sunflower houses by sharon lovejoy, is providing lots of inspiration for our outside gardening. so many wonderful ideas it will be hard to pick which one we'll try first.

with my little one's first birthday coming up, i wanted to pass along a book to a another family. the book, your child at play, discovering the senses and learning about the world, by marilyn segal ph.d.

please leave me a comment with your favorite lullaby to sing and i'll randomly choose someone on march 21st.


boatbaby said...

How cool! Passing on books the best, isn't it?

Anna said...

Not exactly a lullaby, but I have always LOVED singing Tom Petty's "Alright for Now." I just sing the "Goodnight baby..Sleep tight, my love. May God watch over you from above...." part. I don't know anything about the book, but I'd love to check it out for free :)

anonymous said...

I dont know the name of it, but it's one in Spanish. It goes "Duermete Sophia, duermete mi amor, duermete pedazo de mi corazon".

It basically says go to sleep Sophia, go to sleep my love, go to sleep piece of my heart haha.

The Stoddard Show said...

so sweet! i love your cute little birds nest. thanks for the inspiration! Tonya

love the book!


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