Wednesday, December 16, 2009

holiday tunes and a playsilk

as the countdown to christmas is happening quicker than i can keep up. i look at my list of gifts i intended on making. i look at which ones i actually have the supplies for and then i look at the ones i might have time for and i look at the ones that could wait until the spring. by my oldest, little and innocent comments have been made regarding gifts from santa and a recent visit to santa's lap revealed a new gift. i know my children are blessed and A has more than enough, but some sort of guilt is festering inside of me. i try and lose this feeling, for i know i need not run out and purchase the gift. i know the gifts i have chosen from the shops are well intended, i know that what i have had made and what i will be making comes from the heart. i try and find peace, i try and slow down. i find peace in the simple things, in making pancakes, in baking, in sitting down on the floor and watching my 9 month old continue to take steps, in snuggling in and reading holiday books, and in singing and dancing to holiday music (with a playsilk, of course). wishing you peace


ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I completely understand. This year I simplified. I am so nervous for Christmas morning to come around because I just dont know how my boys will react.

A quick question... Where can you get play silk? It sounds fun. I loved the pictures of your daughter dancing.

Christine said...

we had fun playing with our playsilks and scarves. the playsilks are great!!! you can find some hand-dyed ones on I hope your family has a wonderful and joyous holiday!!!


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