Friday, December 4, 2009

advent cones

:: our advent calender focuses on seasonal activities, baking, and crafts for the family to celebrate and share the season together. over the years it has changed a little and i have found it best, in our house, for the calender to contain the supplies we need the family activities. we make these paper advent cones and hang them over our nature table. the elves will gift us cranberries to bake some muffins, popcorn kernels to air pop for our family movie night, or a chocolate bar to make hot chocolate after an afternoon of sledding. the elves also gather our supplies for us, like our paper and scissors for making paper snowflakes or our cookie cutters for baking some sugar cookies. celebrating the advent this way really keeps our family all snug at home, enjoying the entire season together as a family, with maybe a venture or two out of the house, for a trip to a museum or out sledding. i'd love to hear some of your advent activities or family traditions?

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