Sunday, December 20, 2009

celebrating the forth week on advent

:: as we celebrate the forth week of advent, i am reminded of so many things. i feel very very very thankful for my family, the time we spend together and for every little blessing we have. i am just not courageous enough to share all of my thoughts and feelings at this time, like my friend over here, who touched me with her beautifully words. today, we have some beautiful snow to be thankful for. a magical covering of sparkling white brings a silent stillness outside, keeping us tucked inside, creating new family memories.


boatbaby said...

Who me? I am humbled. I am not courageous, just don't know when to close my mouth :) You don't HAVE to share your thoughts and feelings. They are your own. And you ARE courageous. It shines through in your purposeful, mindful, sweet parenting.

Christine said...

i really appreciate your truthful writing about your thoughts and feelings :)


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