Saturday, December 26, 2009

childhood memories

from as young as i could remember, my family had the tradition of gathering at my great grandparents house to celebrate and rejoice in the holiday with food, good cheer and song. the house was filled with great aunts and uncles and lots of cousins and our evening went late into the night singing christmas carols together. when we decided on which song to sing, everyone would be flipping through their books trying to find song, some seemed to flip longer than others because back in the day, we all had different song books. these days, we all have the same song book which makes it very easy to help each other find the page. this year our helper announced the song and the page and gave us a 10 count. and i sit back, filled with great joy and gratitude to share these beautiful traditions with my little ones. and as we start new ones of our own, i know they are the beginning of new magical childhood memories.

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boatbaby said...

So sweet! I wish we had a big enough clan for family music. It's such a special magic! Thank you for sharing!


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