Tuesday, September 1, 2009

september planning

September is one of my favorite months, with these last few weeks of summer and the first week of autumn. We'll be enjoying these beautiful days outdoors, picking apples, and experiencing local fairs and festivals and look forward to the arrival of autumn.

This is a perfect time to get back to meal planning. I am having the hardest time getting back into planning meals, let alone finding the time to cook. I have managed to bring back our muffin baking, once a week. Occasionally, we'll make cookies or dessert. But mostly, it's muffins packed with quinoa, flax seeds meal, oats, spelt and all that good stuff. I usually make 2 different batches and freeze half of them. They are great for snacks and sometimes we have them for quick breakfasts. As, for dinners. My old dinner recipes were good for a mama of a 5 year old, when I had an hour to cook and think and relax, while my little one was playing, reading, painting or drawing. Now, I need some new recipes, some new ideas in cooking fast, frugal, and nutritious meals. I have been hitting the mothering meal planning threads for ideas and INSPIRATION. I've found a great idea about specifying certain foods for certain nights.
A rhythm for meals. It should sound familiar, shouldn't it? We used to have a soup making day that worked out perfectly. My little one loved helping me out and it was part of our regular weekly rhythm so I am happy to bring this back. I am so grateful for the slower pace that the autumn will bring. So far, this looks like our schedule.

Monday- Sandwich/ left-over night
Tuesday- Slow cooker or casserole night
Wednesday- Mexican night, side beans, tortilla chips & guacamole.
Grill night
Friday- Pasta
Saturday- Soup night
Sunday- Pizza night

I am off to get some new recipes. Any thoughts or tips to share?

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