Wednesday, September 30, 2009

rocks & fossils

:: my little one's interests lead our way. allowing her opportunities for her own discoveries.

i secretly purchase items from museum shops and on ebay and place them out at special times. they are frequently used in play and they accompany many stories.
natural elements really facilitate our little one's sense of wonder.


boatbaby said...

I swear our two little ones are SoSoSo much alike. My little guy is all about rocks and gems and fossils and sharks teeth. He and his daddy went to the rock-gem-mineral-fossil show last weekend and he was blissed out. I too save little treasures for special times. We are lucky to have a good friend who owns a rock shop. how fun!

Christine said...

yes, our little one's are so much alike. oh, that show sound so interesting. we borrowed this book from the library and i found that it will be an excellent resource for us in the years to come.


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