Friday, September 18, 2009

discovery museum

:: 360 degrees of the solar system. this is not the solar system, but this is the scene we had before the show started. we were not able to take an pictures during the show. the show was very cool, the images were beautiful and the planets were so close we could have touched them.

:: bones and skeletons have always been of interest with the little one. the kaleidoscope made some interesting patterns with the xrays.

:: excavating dinosaur skeletons and footprints.

:: a few discoveries along the way. those are stick bugs at the top, a diamond back snake on the bottom and a turtle, which we are still trying to identify (pointed nose and long neck, yellowish with spotted black legs. i think it's a soft shelled one of some sort, but i'll have to call the museum, to be sure because his tank was not labeled.)

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