Sunday, September 20, 2009

autumn nature table

:: our autumn nature table. i always try and keep a tidy scene, but our autumn table always has a tends to accumulate lots of found treasures as the season swings in. And all those pine cones. We are going to decorate them and gift them for the holidays.

:: a closer look at our treasures from nature. the canning jar holds random things we have found over the years. my little one's favorite is a stem from a pumpkin.

:: we were lucky to pick a few tomatoes. the autumn colors seem so fitting.


boatbaby said...

Wow those tomatoes are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your journey into fall.

Frontier Dreams (Nicole) said...

So sweet! and YAY! You foudn the seasonal cards!!

Christine said...

Yes Nicole. Thank you for your help finding the seasonal cards. I really loved the Seasons on the Farm set from eeBoo. (I found them on ebay.)

I enjoyed seeing your family's travels. Looks like you have a lot of wonderful places to explore and discover in your new place.

boatbaby- I am enjoying your adventures in unschooling.

6p0115712bdf77970c said...

yummy looking tomatoes! fall colors indeed!


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