Thursday, February 5, 2009

Making winter ice votives

This is a little project is especially great this time of year. It really recognizes the winter season and gives kids a change for hands-on exploration. First, you will need 2 containers of varying diameter. I chose a large ice cream container and a plastic cup.

Fill the center container with river rocks, sand, anything to weigh it down.

Then, fill the space between the containers with water and maybe something seasonal. We chose holly branches and leaves that we have in our yard. Make sure center container is in the middle, so the ice votive will have a consistent thickness and place in freezer overnight.

Now it's time to reveal the ice votive. If you use an ice cream container, it can be easily torn off.

There you have it, a seasonal ice votive.


boatbaby said...

This is SO COOL! Thank you for posting, I think we're going to try it this week.
Do you really burn a candle in there? How long before the melting mess starts? Any tips?

Christine said...

The bottom is open, so I put a tea light inside a glass votive. You could burn it inside for a while with a plate or bowl underneath to collect the ice that melts as we did, and place outside near a window where you could enjoy it. Ours is still intact as it is freezing outside.


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