Thursday, February 26, 2009

2 weeks and counting

I have 2 weeks until my due date and of course we all know the date is sooooo unpredictable. I could go any day and that's so exciting!!! I think I should pack my bags now. I am not sure why I am putting this off, but I have.

The baby was so active the other day and completely changed positions. Everyone had fun seeing and feeling my stomach morphing. But now in an occiput posterior position, my midwife wants me to work on rock back and forth in a leaning forward position, to help the baby get into a better position for the labor. I keep hearing how this labor will go faster - with 7 pushes with my first child, I can not image it being faster. 7 pushes or less sounds wonderful, but I am preparing my mind for a completely different experience, as I know it will be how it was meant to be.

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