Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coffee filter butterflies

This easy little preschool art & craft's project uses coffee filters and pipe cleaners to make fun & colorful butterflies.

First, we decorated the coffee filters. My little one experimented with paint, which made the filters stiff but still able to work with, or you could use markers or watercolors. With the markers, draw your design and then mist with a spray bottle (1 or 2 mists worked best for us). After the filters dry, bunch up the center and tie with a pipe cleaner.

:: On our nature table

:: Above our art table with a print from Melissa Sweet's set, "Seasons on a Farm." There is also a sweet little book illustrated by Melissa Sweet entitled, "It's Spring" by Samantha Berger and Pamela Chanko. It is a favorite in our house and it goes...

In April the robin began to sing
to tell the rabbit it was spring.
The rabbit hopped and thumped his feet
to tell the deer the air smelled sweet.
The little deer ran with the bunny
to tell the duck the sky was sunny.
The duck swam off and gave a quack
to tell the cow, "The leaves are back!"
The cow let out a long moooo
to tell the horse that flowers grew.
The horse went trotting down the lane
to tell the rooster, "Watch for rain!"
The rooster gave a mighty crow
to tell the mouse, "There's no more snow!"
The mouse just made a tiny peep
to tell the birds to start to cheep.
Then all the birds began to sing
to tell the bears, "Wake up, it's spring!"

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