Friday, November 7, 2008

Waldorf Play Corner / Playroom

What I see ... wood stump castle with cloth dolls, interesting wood branches, carved wooden figures, animals, and chairs, a basket of cloth dolls, doilies, shells...

The foundation of any Waldorf play corner begins with some sort of playstand. There are many designs out there, they can be made as simple or elaborate as you would like. Toymaking with Children by Freya Jaffke has a plan for a simple playstand design. My little one loves her playstands, which were a design my husband played around with so we could taller playstands with 3 deeper shelves.

The open shelves are wonderful. I love that she can access all of her things and it helps keep everything organized. When she was younger, low shelves and toys in baskets and on the floor allowed her access, but as she grew older, the playstands made her play area functional. As you see her playstands are full, so I am in need of another bookshelf to lighten her playstands. I think it's better to have some empty space and empty baskets on her playstands and then she could fully utilize her imagination. The playstands could be anything, a kitchen, a market, a house, a cave, a fort, a "secret hideout". I highly recommend them.

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