Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Playstands made by Dad

Last Christmas, Dad built these wonderful set of playstands or as my little one says, "her workshop". This turned out to be an extensive project that was well worth it. Dad worked in 3 deep shelves, which is what our small space needed. 

The playstand's open shelves are wonderful for keeping everything organized and accessible. It seems we could never have enough baskets, pouches, and boxes for my little organizer. Our shelves are getting full and while we have an opportunity to rotate some seasonal toys, my little one likes access to all her toys. 

So these days, we really have to be selective in what we bring into the house, especially with a new baby coming. Trying to avoid small items and commercial plastic toys, while choosing natural, safer toys for our little one. 

I have a few thoughts for some wooden toys for this Christmas, (hint hint, Dad.) I have some wool goodies to felt and some orders have been placed for the holidays. I am also going to do a little thrift shopping. I love finding great deals on the most interesting of things. 

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Redbeet Mama said...

What a lovely play space.

Very inspiring.

Thanks for sharing it.


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