Sunday, November 23, 2008

Natural Kids & Toys - my little etsy shop

My pursuit to find natural, safe alternative toys, instead of the typical toy store toys, grew into a little etsy shop, Natural Kids & Toys. I love putting together fun, natural play sets and toys for kids to discover, explore, imagine, experience, and play with. I love seeing a child's imagination & creativity at work and seeing their sense of wonder & take flight.

Honey Bee play set.

Honey Bee with flower bowls, one of my little one's favorites.

Surprise pots with some wool friends - a little hedgie, owl, and penguin.

A little hen & nest set with some wooden eggs.

Doll place setting / tea party set. Wooden. Natural. Waldorf inspired.

Wooden Doll bake set. Natural. Waldorf inspired.

Wooden Dollhouse miniature play set. Natural. Waldorf inspired.

Add a Farm Fresh egg or two to compliment a natural play kitchen, store, or market.

Wooden acorns in a little bucket are sure to be a hit.

Pirate's Treasure play set. Let your little treasure hunter set out for the ultimate adventure.

Winter Wonderland play set is perfect for natural play or atop your nature table or seasonal table.

I really have enjoyed creating toys for my little one and I hope my natural toys and other fun stuff will be a well used addition to your little one's creative play. Come and check out my little etsy shop - Natural Kids & Toys.

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