Wednesday, September 1, 2010

drum roll please

after 17 1/2 months, my son is sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it has been 10 nights or so, i actually lost count. my son's diet has expanded to include coconut milk yogurt, coconut milk ice cream and peanut butter and he has an upcoming checkup. my body has just begun adjusting to being able to sleep and the world is unfolding more and more each day. i feel alive, but i feel like i have so much to process, so many thoughts, so many feelings that i suppressed or not thought about logically because of my sleepless situation. i feel that i have so much to catch up on, so many things i would like to do, so many books i would like to read, so many things i would like to make.

but i tell myself to take it slow, allowing myself a new start by choosing healthy choices for my mind, body and spirit. allowing peace and calm to be part of my life. i am get back to a regular sleep pattern. i work on a slow and peaceful bedtime routine, filled with hot showers, steeping tea, a book (still reading simplicity parenting) i ground myself in the now and work at establishing new rhythms to my day (and my daughter is off to full day first grade, more on that later). i am trying out new recipes my little guy and my new found joy is sweeping. i used to pull out the vacuum out due to our 2 dogs and 2 children and our inside/outside routine. it was taking so much energy to lug the vacuum around and i was just so exhausted afterward. and the sweeping is light, playful, and very rewarding in many ways. i am also trying to commit to an opportunity to take some time for myself once a week. and i know i am worthy of the time, worthy of nurturing myself, i just have to put it into action. and i write it down as a little step closer towards my commitment to self-care. how do you find time to nurture yourself throughout the day?


boatbaby said...

SosoSO happy to hear you are getting some sleep. Zach didn't sleep through the night (more than 4 hours that is) until age 2.5 -- up to then he woke every 2 hours to nurse. Whew. Enjoy finding the you time, you deserve it!

Nicole said...

Yay for sleeping through the night! I know how you feel, as neither one of my two youngest children slept through till about 18 months. It's hard on a body to be so tired for so long.

Queen of the Butterfly Ball said...

Wow! I didn't know children slept through the night before the age of 5 or so... :-) Maybe this baby will be different, that's something to hope for!


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