Sunday, April 25, 2010

happy earth day



we celebrate earth day exploring local history and nature. connecticut had 7,000 native americans prior to the eurpoeans coming over. we also discovered that  the mystery insect was a caddis fly. the naturalist knew exactly what we had found the other day. and during the pond discovery, we ended up netting the same caddis fly. it was neat to be able to share that with all the other families. 

happy earth day


boatbaby said...

Very cool that you were able to get the mystery nature object identified! That looks like a wonderful museum. We have the Smothsonian Native American museum, but it's not very hands on/ kid friendly. Though they DO have the best food in DC there! We go there just to eat sometimes!

Christine said...

I believe these must be replicas of Native American artifacts. We have a local preserve who's history is known, complete with a cave used in hunting expeditions and an unsolved mystery. I know we would enjoy the history in your museum as well.

Ellinor said...

Thanks for a wonderful blog! You inspire me:)


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