Thursday, April 15, 2010

another day, another nature center

:: i am hoping someone could help us identify this. it looks like a cylinder clump of grass, maybe an inch in height. it was moving around on the bottom of a small spawning ditch. i caught a glimpse of some thin legs before it retreated back into it's home. any thoughts?

 :: the bottom had a round hole directly in the middle. 

:: a joyful part of my day, walking across a wood beam with my little one.


boatbaby said...

no ideas on your mystery find... do you have a local nature center/ naturalist you could ask? We joke there should be an "antiques roadshow" of science. Where little ones can line up with their bits of moss and shell and ask naturists what they are. :)

Christine said...

Yes, i wish there was an "antiques roadshow". i'd be in line as well :) my google searches did not even turn a hint up. we hope to return when we could show the naturalist our discovery.

jennifer said...

Could be caddis fly larvae. They will use small twigs or pebbles to make their "tubes". We find them in our stream sometimes. You have to be very observant. Good find! Happy spring.

Christine said...

yes, thank you jennifer for help with the identification. we thought it was a pretty neat discovery.


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