Saturday, January 23, 2010

a visit from rosa lily

prior to losing her first tooth, we had been discussing what would happen when the time came. we said that she would get to keep her first tooth and that the tooth fairy would come and leave her something special under her pillow. i really had my chance to keep this simple. i think that keeping it simple makes it very sweet and special. and magical.

i had a tiny tooth fairy card that i had been saving for a very long time from the silver penny. it had a place for the child's name, date and the tooth fairy's name, which i found some help over here with names. rosa lily left some magical sequin stars, 2 quarters and a rose quartz heart. my little one cherishes that she has a special tooth fairy and much excitement is revealed as she retells everyone about this special event in precise, sequential order.

...and so the magic continues as my little one leaves her fairy some trinkets on her windowsill and a drawing under her pillow this evening. i will say going under the pillow is mighty tricky. but the magic it brings is something i hope she holds with her as she grows.


Redbeet Mama said...

Sweet and simple - nice.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I wish I had been so clever when my little one lost his first tooth. You have a way of bringing childhood back to what it should be... magical, fasinating, and full of discovery.

ConnieK said...

I bet she would love a fairy door in her room... my little ones love to leave their fairy- Sprinkle- little gifts and she leaves notes telling them how nice they have been (or loud!)

Christine said...

oh, that's funny, sprinkles being a loud fairy. i have a fairy door on my list of things to make and you are reminding me at such a great time, i have some birthdays to plan for :)

one pink fish- thank you that means so much. you have to read "you are your child's first teacher" it is so inspirational

thanks redbeet mama. i checked out your blog. you have such lovely girls :)


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