Friday, January 22, 2010

one small change - reuseable sandwich bags

our one small change is going to be getting back into using cloth napkins and towels, instead of paper. i am also just completing a trade for reusable sandwich and snack bags from here. i wanted to bring out the sewing machine (which i have not used in 15 years) to make these wonderful reusable snack and sandwich bags. but i just do not have the time to sew right now. in the future, i want to start making the things that my family needs and reduce the things we are purchasing.

from hip mountain mama...
Recycle, use cloth napkins, try cloth diapering, replace your bulbs with LED or CFL bulbs, turn off your lights, use natural cleaning products or make your own, drive your car less, buy a hybrid, turn your thermostat down, use the sun to warm your home through passive solar heat, bring your own bags to the store, install a low flow shower head, stop buying bottled water, unplug it, bring more plants into your home, always print double sided, when getting rid of things consider freecycle, craigslist or ebay (do not throw out as someone else is surely able to get some use out of it), support local farms and try to eat local, purchase wind power if it is available in your area, purchase products made with natural materials and that can be reused, purchase recycled paper products, use rags instead of paper towels to clean up messes, use reusable lunch sacks, buy organic, landscape responsibly by reducing the use of water needed, donate time and/or money to green efforts, elimate the use of toilet paper by using family cloths, don’t flush every time, put a brick or something heavy it he back of your toilet so it uses less water when flushed"


Laura said...

Good for you!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Awesome! We love our reusable snack bags and use them daily! Thanks for joining the challenge!


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