Friday, January 8, 2010

running in the new year

:: peek-a-boo
:: gaining momentum while coming around the corner. you should see this little guy running. it is so delightful.

:: loving her new sweater. thank you uncle jim and aunt kathy

:: the sweet aroma of our paperwhites

:: creating a new window star (kite paper, contact paper and heavier paper for the cut out frame)

:: wet-on-wet painting
:: 3 kings day

this week has been filled enjoying time with my little one and visits to new doctors, and researching. and taking a relaxing soak each night, reading and going to bed early. i feel a sense of empowerment, taking matters into my own hands. for a mother who thinks there is something wrong when their little one is not thriving, one needs to search for answers. my ped seems to be on board now and i feel much better. i also feel a sense of calm (at times, as the sleep deprivation brings on a roller coaster of emotions), knowing that i will be able to handle anything that comes our way.

seeing i am still nursing, we had been following our nd's recommendation of eliminating soy, dairy (including goat's yogurt, which is similar to the protein in milk), egg and wheat from my diet and feeding the little one more throughout the day.
i have found that "safe" food is about planning and preparing a head of time and reading the label on everything. when my little one did start going to me less and less to nurse, i had to cut back on his food to preserve that precious supply.

after some allergy testing (scratch test) we determined that there is not a true allergy to the suspecting foods. but, i feel strongly and know that my little one reacted to cow's milk products when i had them and more recently he reacted to goat's milk yogurt. it is safe to say that my little one has an intolerance to dairy, so dairy will be continued to be eliminated from our diets. i am uncertain about the soy. for the meantime, dairy will be cut out and i will bring back eggs, soy and wheat to my diet until we determine that they need to be cut out. up next we are off to a GI doctor.

while things may be difficult at times, i know that we'll get through this together... as a family. taking time to enjoy the simple things together. and i feel so ever grateful for my family...for family who offers unconditional support and parents and grandparents who offer their experience and guidance... for my daughter who is ever so patiently with me...for my little guy who makes me laugh and love in the most challenges times and my husband who handles his concern and eases my worrying.


HeatherLee said...

My second child had some issues with weight gain/loss around a year old. I didn't drink dairy, but I allowed him, too. That was the culprit. I hope that is all it is for you guys. Dairy really isn't hard to cut out. But, we have tried cutting out gluten for other reasons and it's just so difficult. You can't really eat out anywhere. But, it's worth.

Christine said...

Yes, eating out is difficult. Thank you for commenting and I wish you well in finding the foods that keep you and your family growing healthy.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

If you decide you need to try a gluten free diet, I found a website called She ahs wonderful ideas and recipes. I just checked out her blog and right now she has a post for gluten free pizza, brownies, blueberry cobbler, pumpkin cheesecake, and macaroons.

i do not know what part of the US you live in but HEB Mootopia milk is lactose free and I think it taste better than regular milk. Dont let the color discourage. Also, I think fleisman lite margarine doesn't have dairy. At least it didnt use to. Dont forget to look for whey and lactase or lastose. These are dairy ingredients that are found in almost any product you can imagine.

Hope this helps.

Christine said...

Thanks One Pink Fish for letting me know. I still had yet to get to the health food store, which is a little ways away. If only a few more hours in the day. I have to get a list of all the hidden ingredient words. My oldest had an egg allergy from 1-3 years and Iyou really have to diligent in checking everything. twice.

Naturalearthfarm said...

Thank you for sharing. I think we will make the stained glass collage today as I just purchased some kite paper. This is perfect.
Warm wishes. Tonya


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