Tuesday, June 9, 2009

what is homeschooling

What is home schooling? I guess to different people it means different things.

To me, it means allowing my child to learn about what is interesting to her.
Learning becomes FUN and EXCITING and INTERESTING. Learning becomes an adventure. It allows her to pursue her interests and discover her passions.

Zach Aboard posted an entry about Summer School, which read like this, "We have all of our supplies. One kayak, two paddles, and the great green/blue/brown yonder." Aside from sounding like lots of fun, doesn't this make homeschooling sound easy? It can be this easy.

If I look back at last summer, I would say our supplies were a butterfly net, a shovel and 3 buckets. Living is learning and this can not be learned in public schools (at least around here).


boatbaby said...

Sounds like you are truly following your daughter's lead and finding your path. That's 99% of the trick right there. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I will stay tuned and see how things evolve with you and your little one.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today from the Waldorf/Mothering.com thread. Glad to find you! I have a DD that's almost 5 and we homeschool too. I appreciated your descriptions of Project Based Learning. We're using Enki right now (which blends Waldorf, Montessori, and such), but I'd like to add more nature projects. I'll be reading!

Christine said...

Enki sounds very interesting, especially to me. I like to take what I feel is the best for my little ones and family. Please check out Camp Creek Blog, which is where I found all my information about Project Based Learning. Thanks for visiting:)


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