Thursday, June 4, 2009

amazing blues

I knew it was going to be a good day for me yesterday. I was going to be getting out of the house with the family. Most days, our time out is to get the basics done and at home we are trying to play catchup. But, yesterday we were bringing the dogs to the groomers and had some free time. I lower my expectations and had nothing planned. So, I dressed up as much as you could with 2 kids and dusted off some jewelry to wear. I picked out a volcanic blue larimar ring and this necklace I made years ago with vintage light blue glass beads. The color of blue just makes me smile.

Today, my little one utilized her sky & grass canopy playsilk to cover her cave. I love the vibrant colors in the design and the organic shaped clouds in the sky.
I have always been drawn to the color blue from as long as I could remember. From the clearest blue sky to the sparkling blues of the ocean to the greenish blues of turquoise to the subtle blue of a robin's egg, I am always amazed at the colors of blue that nature creates.

:: Forget-me-nots in the garden

:: 'Endless Summer' hydrangea. While I wait for them to start blooming, I enjoy last years pictures here.

:: Found treasures from nature walks

Looking around the house, I notice more things inspired by my love of blue.

:: A ceramic sphere of the horizon, which reminds me of our vacation in Key West
:: A decorative nest with glass eggs
:: My great grandmother's Fire King charm azurite depression glass
:: My Mother's Day shell and sea glass wreath
:: A blue butterfly added to our seasonal nature table
:: A needle felted nest with wooden robin's eggs also on our nature table

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boatbaby said...

I too am a blue lover. I remember as a little girl always wanting to pick the blue flowers, eat the blue foods, and so on. This was lovely, thank you!


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