Monday, June 8, 2009

covered canopy

From our visited to White Flower Farm. Everywhere you look, there are picture perfect gardens. My favorite is the (Christopher) Lloyd Border, which is overflowing with Allium 'Globemasters'. The border is massive, 280 feet long x 20 feet deep. The depth of colors and textures is inspirational. (Trying to bring more wildlife into my own backyard, I realize that native plants & trees are more beneficial to helping me satisfy my goal.) The grounds also contain some remarkable trees. A Weeping Beech called my little girl over to explore, who called the family over. The tree produced an amazing covered canopy. The perfect spot to take a rest from the sun, explore, nurse the baby and listen to the birds. While, we missed out on the amazing varieties of tomatoes we normally get to choose from at the Tomatomania event, we did take home a few varieties of tomato plants and some strawberry plants. Next, we picked up some basil plants and stopped for some ice cream. All enjoyed our fun, family filled day.

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Anonymous said...

I wish we had a place like that near our house - it looks like such a wonderful place to have adventures!


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