Sunday, May 17, 2009

Under our chin

Once I realized that things were a little overwhelming, I knew that I would need to time a little time for myself. It seemed impossible to take some time to myself because I never felt like I had enough time. But, this would be essential and in the end it would be a huge benefit to myself, my family & my spirit. Most days, I try to at least take a shower. Taking some time to appreciate nature has been therapeutic, even if it is only a minute or two at a time. I really enjoy sitting in the sun, swinging on our front porch swing and taking a picture or two of my gardens. Even posting to my blog has been rewarding. And of course, carving out some time to spend with my little girl has been a priority.

:: Discovering the golden yellow of a buttercup under our chin

:: Feeling the cool velvety moss in our garden dish


boatbaby said...

I have moss garden envy. Ours always end up getting brown and mushy (too much water?) or all dried up. What's your secret?

Christine said...

Brown & mushy does sound like too much water. I will say that I put a layer of potting soil at the bottom of the dish. Our little bowl of moss last year did not last long so this year I tried a very shallow plate. Good luck with your moss


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