Tuesday, October 7, 2008

This is the way we wash a day

This is the way we wash a day, wash a day, wash a day.

Actually, our dolls and fairies are star gazing & flying today.

The dollhouse is seeing a lot of play since my little one turned 4. Daddy worked so hard building this dollhouse and a set of playstands for last Christmas. The playstands organized all my little one's things and became the ultimate play area or as she says "workshop". The playstands could be utilized as a kitchen, a market, a workshop, a house, a puppet theater, a store, a fort, a pirate ship, a bookstore, a forest, "a secret hideout", or whatever your little one imagines. It is amazingly multi-functional and is my top choice to encourage and reinforce a creative play area.

The doll house was an extensive project that came out beautifully. The natural wooden Kinderkram doll house inspired our plans. I especially love the openness of the doll house, which allows several little hands to play at once, and that Daddy made it.

I found a basic handmade doll house furniture set that I originally thought I would add to later on. But, I like that my little one has found different ways to utilize the pieces. I would like her to have a natural wooden doll house miniature set, everything needed to wash a day, wash a day, wash a day - a washing bucket, clothespins, dinner plates, bottles, a milk bottle, a jar, mason jars, a bean pot, a rolling pin, a gathering bucket, and a broom. Sounds like the perfect accessory to any wooden doll house.

Ready to play.

(these are all Evi dolls)

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