Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mother of pearl serving sets

I have been gradually adding on to my basic dinnerware set and purchasing platters and serving bowls, mostly when I need them. I recently brought a pasta salad to a family picnic in a platinum rimmed china bowl, which was the only bowl that fit the pasta salad. So, the next day, I purchased a basic white mixing bowl set, which has come in handy. 

I have a few dinnerware sets, including my basic white everyday dishes, my Mikasa Cameo Platinum china that was a wonderful shower gift from my girlfriends, to my family Azurite Charm depression glass. For serving pieces, I have a variety of white platters and a number of shiny silver pieces, including a few Wilton Flutes & Pearls pieces that go right from the oven to the table. 

I do have a serving set to match my gifted flatware set, but I otherwise held off on serving sets, as I was looking for some sets to coordinate with my dinnerware and china as well as my depression glass. Well, this spring I discovered some mother of pearl pieces at Pottery Barn that I really loved. I think they really go great with all my sets, so I went ahead and purchased the serving spoon set, the spreaders, and a charger, to use as a platter. I also won an ebay auction for the PB serving spoon & fork set. The price could not be beat.

Recently, I came more pieces, a Pier 1 dessert serving set and cheese knife set and found some Towle pieces with mother of pearl. Some day, I'll have the house to actually entertain. For now, I guess we all need a thing or two to collect and I'll be collecting mother of pearl serving pieces.

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