Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Make Way for Ducklings

A storm moved in, the skies opened up and a rainbow appeared. It's funny how the weather can change in an instant, especially these days. The unpredictable weather continued on through our visit with family in Boston. As most of my visits to the city go - a little wet. But who could have predicted, a little cold in June. We ended up going to a store to purchase jackets, rain boots for our little one, and I even picked up a sweater. Next time, I'll remember to pack a few warmer things, just in case. I was surprised how chilly it could be the day before a sweltering heat wave was forecasted. Odd weather these days.

Of course, rain or shine, we most always enjoy our day.

We strolled the park and discovered some ducks and ducklings. The swans were positioned on their nest and we captured the swan boats in the background. We hope to catch the swan boat ride another time. The alliums were in full bloom and I was hoping that when I returned home, I would still be able to enjoy mine.

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