Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Elizabeth Rose Garden in bloom

We visited the Elizabeth Rose Garden in all it's beauty. We had a picnic in our car as we waited for the rain to subside. Then, we enjoyed a stroll through the rose garden and the covered pergola quickly became a popular hiding spot our little one would run to.

The variety of roses here is amazing. I would say it is a wonderful day trip for anyone here in the Northeast. The grounds include a heritage rose garden, perennial garden, rock garden, and a pond.

I have always loved the hedges of roses that grace the homes by the shore. The flowers are very airy and have a subtly about them. The Blush Knockout roses are one of my favorites. They seem virtually maintenance free and provide endless color throughout the season. I am planning another trip to the garden to get some better pictures of the roses.

Blush Knockout Rose

A little discovery among the rose arbors.

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