Saturday, February 16, 2008

Will you be my valentine

It's was Valentine's day, yesterday. I love celebrating the holidays with my little one. Decorating the house, singing songs, making homemade valentines and cookies made the holiday even more special.

We have been singing this around the house.
Will you be my Valentine, my Valentine
Will you be my Valentine and where my big red heart?
Yes, I'll be your Valentine, your Valentine, your Valentine,
Yes, I'll be your Valentine and wear your big red heart!
Now we are sweet Valentines, sweet Valentines, sweet Valentines,
Now we are sweet Valentines, we wear our big red hearts!

from A Child's Seasonal Treasury

It is amazing how children can pick up a song so quickly. I attribute early singing around the house and music classes, at Gymboree and currently Music Together.
A few other books that include seasonal songs and activities that I love are:
All Year Round
A Child's Seasonal Treasury

This was a simple little valentine project. Little A glue some buttons down on a wooden heart. Little A chose to decorate the other wooden heart with sparkling confetti hearts and at school, the kids had a party. How fun. We also did some heart shaped potato prints, a little less sparkle.

A few little gifts from etsy, necklaces from Rosemary4Remembrance and these wool hearts from etceteramedia caught my eye.

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