Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Activities for our days

Here are a few pictures of some activities that we have done in the last few weeks. I especially like to incorporate nature into our activities. Sometimes, the glitter and confetti come out. I am still trying to find that balance. Natural sights, smells, sound, and texture offer an enriching experience.

Just a basket of shells kept us busy the other day. We decorated a picture frame with shells and my daughter had some open-ended play. How rewarding.

Some warm weather came our way and we enjoyed a day at the park. We collected some pine needle branches, which sparked our next activity. Pine needle paintings. The smell of pine filled the house.

Our senses were delighted while we decorated oranges with cloves. We found this activity in the book, "Earthways". After, you could roll the oranges in cinnamon and let them dry. As a child, we made these into ornaments by attaching a ribbon. Dad had fun, too. Can you tell which one is his?

The other day brought us snow, which always brings the birds to our feeders and their little tracks. After the snow, came the sleet. What a great day to make hot chocolate. We used up all the hersey kisses we had.

I really am big on activities that involve building, constructing and manipulating. Regular old wooden blocks are perfect. This Haba game is fun and colorful and offers a variety of geometric pieces. Puzzles offer children opportunities to develop problem-solving skills.

Today, we collected some objects from nature that we found from around the house: pine needles, coneflower seeds, and dried carnation petals. Then, my little one arranged and glued them on a paper wreath.

For dinner tonight, we had a mixed green salad with steak, pistachios, red grapes, pears, crumbs of gorgonzola cheese, and balsamic dressing. So easy.

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